How To Help Black Babies See Their First Birthday


How to help black babies see their first birthday

Do you know any black families?

Are you currently pregnant with or adopting a black baby?

Did you know this FACT?:

**Black babies die before their first birthday 2-3 times more than non-blacks in many parts of America. **


This is very different from the dream that Martin Luther King wrote about. But many black moms don’t know about this during their pregnancy.

It isn’t NEW news either. It’s an ongoing public health issue that’s been going on for many decades. But it takes awareness on behalf of the parents and village that it takes to raise that baby during it’s first year to avoid this problem.


Please join the live stream on THIS Thursday, January 18th, 2018 @8pm on the Metro Mommy Agency FB Page:

…Because you’re pregnant (or know someone who was/is…)


…Because you’ve had a baby before (and know the joy of life with that child.)


…Because black babies need you to celebrate the dream of MLK Jr. AND their first birthday.


…Because #mamasneedsupport


…Because so many people are amazed by the newness of a baby but are uninformed about how to help that cute baby thrive…



Facebook LIVE   (video will be on YouTube if you watch after it ends)


Watch live on YouTube or view the REPLAY YouTube Live Stream


Tag a person who needs to be watch/share this FB Live.  If you missed the event, you can still get the information. Would you mind letting your friends and family know about the video as well? You could hep save a baby’s life by getting timely information to it’s family.


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