Our Mission

At Metro Mommy Agency, our mission is to influence, enlighten, and serve women with support and education to navigate through their journey into motherhood and become healthy contributors to the wellness of their society. 

The Philosophy

  1. We believe that the birth experience and support received during early parenting has deep implications for mothers, families, communities and society at large.
  2. We believe birth should be mother-friendly and take place in a baby-friendly environment.
  3. We believe breastfeeding outcomes are critical to the success of bonding and is best for mother and baby.
  4. We believe education that is evidence-based can encourage informed decisions, reduce unnecessary interventions, and empower families to be responsible for their health.
  5. We believe, despite negative influences in her environment, a nurtured mother can care adequately for her baby.
  6. We believe that mothers must have continuous support before, during and after childbirth in order to be equipped for such a great task.
  7. We believe in serving mothers in conjunction with community professionals in the childbirth industry with integrity, quality and efficiency.

Meet Our Team

Sabine Renois

Sabine Renois is a dedicated mother of 2 who has always been intrigued by the female body and its ability to carry and bring life. She is a nurse with vast experience from being part of the healthcare system since 1999 as a nursing assistant. As a case manager, Sabine has learned a great deal about the personal factors that contribute to healthcare and a person's wellbeing, and has always been an advocate for her patients; even as a child she spoke up for those who were being bullied or disregarded. She values humanity.

Her love and respect for women’s body, combined with her experience in mental and public health, led her to become a Doula. Her work at a Statewide Inpatient Psychiatric Placement residential for adolescents (S.I.P.P.) helped her to understand the dynamics of the home and that health is holistic, with the majority being mental. Sabine believes that the mental health of the mother is crucial for the safe delivery of everything she brings forth. She believes that changing the world starts in the womb, and she strives to help women have a safe and protected birthing process where they feel important, heard, safe, protected, and unjudged, so that their baby will also be born into and with that same energy of light. With her experience and passion, Sabine promotes the idea that self-care and emotional healing is crucial for the safe delivery of the God given seeds that they carry and is dedicated to helping women feel empowered in all stages of their lives.

Ramona Ramdin

Ramona Ramdin expressed that giving birth to her 2 beautiful children has inspired her to get involved in birth work. Pregnancy is such a divine experience, but it can be overwhelming without guidance. Her “soul” purpose is to support, strengthen, and enlighten our diverse communities and to create a safe space for all wombs and their children. She is committed to providing non-judgmental support during a time that can feel stressful and overwhelming. From the very first time you meet with her, to when you think that you might be in labor, through the most intense parts of your birth, to meeting your baby - she got you! She is passionate about providing a sacred, meaningful, and empowering birth. Ramona genuinely believes that you and your baby are worthy of love, support, and honor. Once baby is here, that is just the beginning of parenthood. I will empower you to feel confident in your new role as a parent and connect you with resources to help you feel supported during this transition.

Our Vision

Metro Mommy Agency’s vision is to serve communities where birth disparities are eliminated as women, fully equipped for birth and beyond, build healthy families with confidence.

The Purpose

To fill in the gap and provide sound, hands-on maternal support for mothers from metropolitan communities lacking consistent childbirth education and cohesive healthy support systems for families.

baby, couple, wedding rings

These communities are marked by increased rates of disease, increased unnecessary C-sections, shorter breastfeeding practices and minimal natural birth options in local hospitals.  Not surprisingly, these communities are also known for having disparities in healthy eating habits, healthcare, and education.

The Plan

To provide excellent care and critical knowledge through childbirth education, doula & labor support services, nutritional coaching, and personalized consultations.

Metro Mommy Agency can help all mothers have the best spark wherever they are in their journey of mothering.  Metro mommies with no partner, partner, family or friends can find the support they need most during this challenging and delicate time.

Research shows that if significant sociodemographic disparities exist in the childbirth education a mother acquires, those disparities can play a major role in whether or not a mother will breastfeed successfully and if she will have the knowledge needed to be fully supported into motherhood.

Do you believe in the purpose,
the plan and the philosophy of
Metro Mommy Agency?

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