The MMA Mentorship Program

Program Details

Grow into a birth professional worth respecting & remembering! This is open to aspiring, new or inexperienced doulas, midwives, lactation specialists, or birth professional.

Your investment gets you a customizable package:

  1. Monthly personal mentorship virtual sessions
  2. Online Group calls
  3. Interactive lessons birth outcomes in our clients.
  4. Mock interviews and tips on how to land clients in an interview in person or on the phone. 
  5. Text, phone, and email support
  6. Access to understanding our approach to supporting our current client the #MetroMommy way.
  7. Support for you as you work with your current clients to enhance your own style and philosophy as a doula.
  8. Business and professional development 
  9. Knowledge of how to be business-minded and build your doula business from the ground up.
  10. Shadowing opportunities

Participation in The Metro Mommy Agency Doula Mentorship Program (entire valued at $4997)


"I knew from the time that I had my breastfeeding consultation with Esther that I would want to join her mentorship program 3 months later. No regrets here, I definitely learned a lot!"
Doula Reynetta
Mentee, Sweet Baby Buddy
"This was very informative! I got way more than I expected out of the mentorship!"
Doula Sam
Mentee, Shugapott
"Every doula needs a training like this! The training we receive today is not enough to start a business. This mentorship was a wealth of information "
Gail Johnson
Mentee, Presently Blooming

Meet Your Mentor

I’m Esther McCant! I’m owner of MMA, and mom of four boys specializing in IVF, VBACs, surrogacy, out-of-hospital, all natural, and vaginal births. I have worked in the birth and postpartum doula space for more than 7 years with over 12,000 hours of personal breastfeeding experience and 130+ births. I am a Certified HypnoBirthing® and  Lactation Counselor as well as co-chair for Healthy Baby Taskforce, Education & Communications Coordinator for the Jasmine Project and blog Contributor for Miami Mom Collective.

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