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When you choose Metro Mommy Agency, you don’t just get an experienced mom, birth doula and the support that you absolutely deserve. You also get all of the intangibles that will make your birth experience one to remember.

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Maybe you’re pregnant or searching for support for a family that is expecting. Whoever you are, I’m looking forward to serving you and your family.

I am committed to keeping my family’s immune system as healthy as possible, eating healthy food, supplements, adequate sleep and engaging in relaxation for my mental health.

Please stay safe and use common sense and careful quarantine during this tough time in our world. So far we have been successfully supporting families all throughout the pandemic- at home, birth centers, and hospitals throughout South Florida.

Thank you for visiting and be sure to book a consultation with me before you go.

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Esther McCant, CLC
Owner, Metro Mommy Agency


“Esther was amazing. I received way more support than expected. Yes- I would recommend this doula to others.”
Excellent Service Rendered: Complete Mommy Birth Doula Support
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Continuous labor support, before, during, and after birth. Text, phone, email, virtual and in-person prenatal visits.

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Hands-on support at home with baby. On-demand breastfeeding support. Postpartum support to help mom recover well.

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“I can honestly say that having that consultation really helped me prepare for labor. The morning of my contractions started, I took Esther’s advice and sat on my medicine ball. I also had my husband take me for a walk in the park. By the end of our walk my contractions were a lot more uncomfortable. I went to my room and practiced breathing while listening to a playlist my husband had made for me until I felt like I was ready to go to the hospital. I was so proud when my nurse informed me that I was already 6cm dilated! I ended up taking the epidural around 8cm, but when I compare my first birth experience with this one I rocked! And Esther played a big part in that. .”
Second Time Mommy

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I’m Esther McCant! I’m owner of MMA, wife of 10 years and mom of four boys specializing in IVF, VBACs, surrogacy, out-of-hospital, all natural, and vaginal births. I have worked in the birth and postpartum doula space for more than 6 years with over 12,000 hours of personal breastfeeding experience and 100+ births. I am a Certified HypnoBirthing® and  Lactation Counselor as well as co-chair for Healthy Baby Taskforce and blog Contributor for Miami Mom Collective.

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