Do you want to help Black Women in Miami-Dade receive higher quality maternity care?
Here’s your chance. We need you!

The MOMCHA (Making Optimal Maternal and Child Health Accessible) Program, funded by the Florida Department of Health, needs providers just like you to improve the quality and coordination of maternity care for Black women in Miami-Dade County by increasing access to doula services.

A doula is a trained, non-clinical, professional who provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to a pregnant person and their partners before, during, and after childbirth
-DONA International

We are looking to partner with Federally Qualified Health Centers in Miami-Dade County to implement a new referral system for expecting families to be connected to doula services before, during, or after birth.

The Unite Us digital platform addresses social determinants of health by linking people to needed services in their community, which include stable and affordable housing; maternal, infant, and child health services; healthy food; mental health counseling; and chronic disease management programs.


Studies suggest that doula care can make labor and delivery safer for pregnant people and their babies. Benefits of doula care include:

  • Fewer c-sections (cesarean sections)

  • Less anxiety and depression for pregnant people

  • Less pain-relief medication during labor

  • Shorter time in labor

  • Fewer negative childbirth experiences

  • Better communication between pregnant people and their health care providers

  • Lower healthcare costs