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Benefits of a Doula

“Women have complex needs during childbirth. In addition to the safety of modern obstetrical care, and the love and companionship provided by their partners, women need consistent, continuous reassurance, comfort, encouragement and respect. They need individualized care based on their circumstances and preferences.” – Excerpt from DONA International, Position Paper: The Birth Doula’s Contribution to Modern Maternity Care
With the proper support and knowledge base, you can build whatever picture of birth you’d like- if the design allows.
Why SHOULD we support you before, during and after childbirth? Because research says when you have labor support you may: * Reach and maintain your healthy weight with accountability * Use less interventions * Actually achieve a vaginal birth * Have a more positive birth experience * Have a shorter labor * Recover quicker * Build more confidence in mothering * Reduce your chances of experiencing postpartum depression And of course…Because our clients say so. Click the REVIEWS link at the top to read AND hear from them for yourself. We believe all women are different but every single one requires personalized and quality care.  We also believe efficacy (confidence) in mothering begins with the fact that all women are created and capable, by design, of doing their best to care for their babies but are best able to do so with knowledge. We believe that our role throughout the entire experience is to support you during your decision-making in childbirth and beyond.  As women, the more we know, the more confident we feel about taking the next step. Taking the next step is much easier if you have someone walking alongside you, bouncing off your feedback and filtering past your symptoms. We build confidence and trust when we encourage organic interaction with our clients, maybe over a cup of tea or coffee or even maybe over a shared meal. Wherever it takes place, we want clients to feel comfortable to be themselves, safe to speak up for themselves and certain that we are supporters of their family. Not quite a “mommy” just yet? No worries! You can (and should) get ahead of the game! Consider our nutrition coaching to guide you on your wellness journey or our family support options to help your future pregnancy thrive. We can customize the services for the Metro Mommy (or “Mommy-to-be”) as well. Check out our SERVICES page for more info! Want more info?  Just sign up to Get More Info.