Hello world!

Why does Metro Mommy Agency exist?

One mommy finally had enough! Too much misinformation and too many hard times led her to do the opposite of what was expected of her- reach out for help and admit that it is too hard to do this “Mommy” thing alone.

So as she began her search for help, she found it even harder still to get exactly the help she needed.

She asked, “Why can’t I birth my baby the way I choose?”, ” Where are all of the natural birth friendly hospitals?”, ” Who is going to support me during birth so I can avoid unnecessary procedures?”, and “Who is going to cook for me postpartum so I can recover quickly?”

Burdened by these questions, anxious and stressed about the birth of her 3rd baby boy, she sought out the answers and found them! Several books, sites and conversations later, she found out that women need more help than what’s available for them.

It’s enough! Too many women are left with the burden of navigating thru the Healthcare system and still end up with adverse birth outcomes. That is what led to our mission and vision!

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