Mentorship Program Annually (saving $250!)

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Mentorship Program Annually (saving $250!)

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Grow into a birth professional worth respecting & remembering! Participation in The Metro Mommy Agency Doula Mentorship Program.

Your investment gets you:

  • Monthly Online Group call 
  • Interactive lessons to help you practice your skills for birth outcomes in our clients
  • Mock interviews and tips on how to land clients in an interview in person or on the phone
  • Support services including text, phone, and/or email 
  • Access to understanding our approach to supporting our current client the #MetroMommy way
  • Support for you as you work with your current clients to enhance your own style and philosophy as a doula
  • Business and professional development
  • Knowledge of how to be business-minded and build your doula business from the ground up
  • Shadowing opportunities with current clientele

We’re looking forward to welcoming you!

6 reviews for Mentorship Program Annually (saving $250!)

  1. Raynetta Irish

    I joined this amazing mentorship program last year (2020) About end of October early November. I was welcomed by the amazing community of mentees like myself with so much love. Let me tell you it’s worth EVERY penny. Doula Esther has soooo much knowledge, experience (which she shares openly) and resources to share and the women in the community she has created are my sisters. We are a family and you will definitely benefit and grow in your craft as a doula. This first year as a doula I have been exposed to sooo much and succeeded because I started my journey with this mentorship.

  2. Sam McNeil

    I joined Metro Mommy Mentorship in June of 2021. I interviewed several mentors and found that Esther had a functional knowledge of how to expand while keeping clients close like family. Esther is a wealth of knowledge and resources. She provides opportunities that I would not otherwise have been aware of. This mentorship served as the foundation for transitioning my business from 100 percent volunteered services to 98 percent paid services. You want to take advantage of the opportunity to learn from such a powerhouse. Esther has been amazing and has established a blooming community of women that you have the opportunity to learn and grow with.

  3. Sabine Renois

    Joining this group was divine intervention for me. I was shying away from my calling of being a Birth Keeper. Being part of this mentorship program by Esther has assisted me with my confidence. Such a diverse community of cultures, backgrounds, and locations; we all learn from each other and teach each other as well. This is a community full of motivation, knowledge (on self, business, and birth work), communion, business/client opportunities, and community work. We all have become family and it is a safe space to learn. Esther is a godsend and being mentored by her is a gift that will continue to give to all the families that I will serve. Thank you Esther!

  4. Tamara E Etienne

    I joined this program at the beginning of 2019 and I cannot ever remember regretting this choice. Esther’s ability to read your needs and understand your questions is a God given talent. She has created a community of doulas that has become akin to family for us. We support each other in this work and know that we can lean on each other when have a professional need and even for personal needs. I am truly proud of this investment into myself and my business and to be a part of this birthworker collective!

  5. Jacqueline Thompson

    I met Esther in November of 2019 and joined her mentorship program in March 2020. Esther’s hands on method is what I needed. My decision to become a Doula in 2020 was definitely because i knew that Esther would be with me every step of the way. Esther gives each Mentee personal one on one time, and group sessions. The personal and Profession development she offers is priceless. Her transparency of her own experiences positive or negative makes the business of being a Doula real and we can see it come to life. Joining the mentorship group with other Doulas has opened up even more knowledge and opportunity to learn. The wisdom and resources that are within the group is a community that she created for all of us to inspire and encourage each other. I can say that I have grown immensely during the past year. I have new friends and colleagues that I am able to support and serve. We have become a family. I would not had this experience if not for the awesome Mentor she is. I know there are no coincidences and she was meant to be the Mentor and friend I needed in my life. The return on my investment in myself and her program is still being earned. Esther is there for me even now and I am so grateful for her.

  6. Jacqueline Thompson

    I meet Esther in 2019 and joined her Mentorship program in March 2020. Her warm and caring manner made my decision to join an easy one. Esther’s gave me the one on one I needed that matched my learning style. I became a part of a group with other Doulas Mentees that share their wisdom and experiences. This community offers inspiration and encouragement with resources for our clients and for ourselves as well. This group has become more like family. I have a new friends and colleagues that support and understands the collective work we do. My return on investing in this program continues as Esther is always available to answer questions and give guidance. Esther is an awesome leader and woman of integrity. Her transparency of the highs and lows of her daily experiences offers us insight in the business of being a Doula. This program is about professional growth and personal development as well. I am so happy to be a Mentee of her program. I highly recommend this Mentorship program.

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