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Esther was amazing. I received way more support than expected. Yes- I would recommend this doula to others.”  – M.C.

Submitted by actual client: M.C. 



This past spring I gave birth to my son via VBAC. My first pregnancy I was induced at 41 weeks. I asked for the epidural a few hours after the Pitocin drip had begun. After being in labor for close to 12 hours, my doctor decided that a C-section would be best because my daughter’s heart rate was decelerating with each contraction. To make matters worse, her head wasn’t descending through the pelvis no matter how hard I pushed. It just couldn’t fit.

Recovering from the C-section was really painful and debilitating for me, so my second pregnancy I was determined to push. I asked around and called around and finally found a OBGYN who was willing to let me have a trial of labor. I was happy that I had found a doctor who wasn’t trying to discourage me from trying to push or scare me with tales of VBACs gone wrong.

A couple of weeks before my due date, I started feeling nervous. What if I couldn’t go through with it? Could I really make it through the contractions? Would I break down like the first time and ask for an epidural too early? I realized that I needed support. I needed someone who could help me prepare mentally for the challenge ahead.

I reached out to Esther, who turned out to be pregnant herself. She was due a few weeks after me, but she was still willing to meet with my husband and I for a consultation! I felt blessed that she would do that. When she arrived, she reviewed a lot of labor prep tips with me to strengthen my uterus muscles for the contractions, and exercises to help open up my pelvis on the days leading up to and during labor.

One of the most important pieces of advice that she gave me was that labor was uncomfortable, but that I don’t have to suffer. It was all going to hinge on my mental stamina. I realized that I had been thinking of labor as hours of suffering through pain. Esther helped me realize that I needed to stop thinking of it in that way. Yes, I would experience discomfort, but I needed to remember that with each contraction my baby was getting closer and closer to being born.

Esther also had my husband and I practice positions for me to try during labor to help with pain management. She also had this amazing visual aid which showed positions for pain management, how much pain to expect, how I would be feeling, etc. It broke the process down for each method of pain management (epidural, no meds), and how long each stage of labor would last.

Because she was expecting so soon, she wouldn’t be able to be with me at the hospital, but she offered to support us via phone or Skype if we felt like we needed it when the time came.

I can honestly say that having that consultation really helped me prepare for labor. The morning of my contractions started, I took Esther’s advice and sat on my medicine ball. I also had my husband take me for a walk in the park. By the end of our walk my contractions were a lot more uncomfortable. I went to my room and practiced breathing while listening to a playlist my husband had made for me until I felt like I was ready to go to the hospital. I was so proud when my nurse informed me that I was already 6cm dilated! I ended up taking the epidural around 8cm, but when I compare my first birth experience with this one I rocked! And Esther played a big part in that. 

Another reason why I would recommend her doula services is that our meeting really helped my husband know how to support me during the labor process. The first time around I don’t think he really knew how to deal with my changed attitude towards him. The second time around we were both a lot more in sync. My husband was a lot more gentle and emotionally in tune with me. He knew a lot more supportive techniques and how important it was for him not to force me to do anything I didn’t want to do.

I can only imagine what would’ve happened if she had been with us at the hospital. I probably wouldn’t have ended up taking the epidural after all. Thanks Esther!

Submitted by actual client: K.G.