Wearing my baby out! Yes, you can #keepitmoving #metromommy

If you know how my mothering journey began, you know it included me wearing my baby out often as I went on about my business in whatever city I was in. I’d wear my ring sling at home to get domestic around the house. I’d wear it (carefully) while food prepping. I would even wear it while caring for my 2 toddler boys. All this until my ring sling DIED! šŸ™ It died on me when two tiny tears in the fabric became two gaping holes that could potentially injure my jumping baby boy. Since, I got my money’s worth, I gave up wearing it and instead opted for a jersey knit baby wrap – a gift by a wonderful midwife (She recommended the ring sling in the first place).


Now, I’m not one to turn a gift away but I could NOT get a good grip on the baby wrap and could NOT wear it often. It was too long, heavy and unbearable during a typical Miami summer. I also didn’t even bother wearing a hand-me-down,  baby carrier that was worn out by my third son about a year ago.  So what’s a #metromommy to do without a baby carrier and 3 boys under 6 running around?

Look for a more affordable ring sling! That’s where the Baby-Doo USA woven ring sling comes in! 

estherwithrubibabydoousa Owner of Baby-Doo USA, Rubi Garcia, wearing Herba woven wrap and Owner of Metro Mommy Agency, Esther McCant,  wearing Ocean woven ring sling

I am loving the ring sling I purchased just 5 weeks after having my 4th baby boy.  The colors are neutral enough for me to carry my baby with pride. (I get a kick out of people asking if the baby is a boy… there’s NO pink anywhere to clue them in otherwise. Haha!) This ring sling’s 100% cotton fabric is JUST the right width and length and weight! Yes, it is very breathable!

The most important reason why I am a big ring sling fan is because I have #FREEDOM to breastfeed  my baby in this sling. I couldn’t do that comfortably cover up while wearing a baby blanket.  I’ve even carried a #breastfeeding baby while leaving a restaurant headed to the parking lot, under an umbrella and I did NOT skip a beat!

(Baby never lost his #latch either! BOOM! )

Washing the dishes with my “third and fourth” arms – my ring sling!
“When your mommy wears you out in her wrap, giving you access to all that skin-to-skin, what else are you going to do but sleep?!” – says a happy, sleepy baby

Esther @icandoula McCant after a business networking/training. He slept all throughout the presentation slides!

So….you know when a baby has fit and is screaming and crying and you’re stressed out as a result? Well, you can put this sling on with one free hand in under a minute and get your upset baby settled within a few seconds.  You can try gently rock your baby to sleep as he listens to your heartbeat.  Then when he falls asleep, hold onto your baby and simply adjust the rings to slide the wrap off your shoulders then ease your baby out onto a safe space to sleep.

I’ve since traveled all over the city (and in several states) with these ring slings – date nights, grocery shopping, malls, college football games (the Herba colors make it look like the “unofficial” ring sling of the Miami Hurricanes. I’m UM alumnus…so I can say that! lol.) -#younameit!

Rooting for our Miami Hurricanes football team at Hard Rock Stadium.

As a doula, I have conducted prenatal and postpartum visits wearing my sling. New moms just love to see my baby and I together. I often encourage these moms to try breastfeeding as a result!  I recently started #homeschooling my boys and teaching a class of 3-4 year olds  while babywearing (baby usually sleeps in class…he’s excused because I know he’s learning! ;-))

Conducting a childbirth education & family support class at a local pregnancy help clinic.

If you’re concerned about how “dress-appropriate” it is, I went to a fundraising gala and a doula client’s wedding with my Ocean colored ring-sling.  My baby and I had a blast and got lots of smiles the entire time we moved (and danced) effortlessly throughout the ballroom (People ALWAYS get a kick out of watching me babywearing! We heart the positive attention and affirmation!)

Attending a doula client’s wedding with my Ocean ring sling. (He almost stole the show that night…but the bride’s beauty couldn’t let him do that.)

Babywearing with the Baby-Doo USA ring sling has been a tremendous lifesaver now that I have 4 boys to care for and “my hands are really full”.  I don’t know where I would be without this special gift that has made mothering and nursing my babies much more enjoyable and functional.

Now… my gift to you…

Good news! You can start wearing a baby out beautifully AND affordably too! šŸ˜‰

Get a 15% OFF your woven ring sling or wrap now with my coupon code.

Just type in esther_15 in the coupon box when you order on the Baby-Doo USA website.* Your purchase will help further my work as a community doula AND help me reach a personal goal to donate my time, talent and treasure to serve my community.  

*Coupon is not valid for sale items.

TALK TO ME:  How do YOU keep it moving?  What circumstances lead to you wearing your baby out? Comment below!

Thank you for reading my thoughts about #lifebetweenthestatuses and just know that I hope #icanmotivateyouifyouwant!

Take care,

Esther (@icandoula) McCant

An attitude of Gratitude…

Special shout outs to: Janice Heller (Owner of Conscious Childbirth) and Rubi Garcia (Owner of Baby-Doo USA) for spurring me to “mother-on-the-go” by babywearing. Thanks to Martha Avila (Heartbeat of Miami) for supporting my vision as a childbirth educator & doula and allowing me to babywear while I do it!
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